Doors for Nokia Lumia, amazing puzzle game

Doors for Nokia Lumia, for Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 7.x devices, is one of the games that surprised me lately, and it really is very original and addictive, once we start we can not stop playing until we have all the doors open.

Doors windows phone Doors for Nokia Lumia, amazing puzzle game

The purpose of this game is to break out of the rooms.Solve the hidden mysteries to open the door and escape from the room.
– How to play –
* Collect items and tap on the screen places of interest.
* Try to open the door to get the full use items.
* You may need intuitive actions such as tilting or shaking the Smartphone.
* Tips on the screen to unlock the many mysteries of.
– Feature –
* Features mini escape games which are perfect to kill your free time.
* All stages selectable.
* Auto-save.

Doors for Nokia Lumia is available for free on Windows Phone Store.

Download | Windows Phone Store

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  • devashish

    send me the answer of stage 52

  • Diegobfelix

    como passo da 9?

  • lou

    Level 8 ?<?<?<? Heeellp!!! 😉

  • Quinn

    Level 8: 2579